Corporate Metaverse -
The future of the working world?

What is the corporate metaverse?

The corporate metaverse is described as a virtual, shared space for companies and organizations. It is a kind of 3D world where employees can collaborate, communicate and perform various activities.

This includes, for example, meetings, training courses or product developments. Often, this metaverse is associated with virtual reality (VR) goggles, which allow immersive 3D worlds.

What are the benefits of the corporate metaverse?

One of the biggest benefits is improved, decentralized collaboration within the company. Instead of a time-consuming business trip of employees from different cities to a seminar location, virtual seminars can be held with the help of VR headsets.

This not only saves time, but also money that would otherwise be used for expensive train or plane tickets.

The question is: Don’t videoconferencing platforms like Zoom already serve this very purpose?

Yes and no. While such platforms ensure that employees can work from home, Zoom is “only” a 2D video conference. Interactive collaboration and ongoing focus of participants cannot be guaranteed.

In the future, virtual working world, on the other hand, virtual spaces can be designed according to workers’ preferences. Working with VR goggles creates a different, spatial perception that can lead to greater participation in the meeting.

How do you use the Metaverse?

Stronger interaction in the corporate metaverse

In addition to the social and monetary aspects, there are several studies that already show that training and education in the metaverse are more efficient than e-learning or getting together in a workspace.

Studies show that VR training leads to better understanding of training content, higher confidence in real-world applications, and higher concentration.

Attractive to next-generation workers?

In particular, employees as well as job seekers of the younger generations, who have grown up with digital media and are now becoming more and more integrated into the labor market, expect such technologies to be used in the workplace in the future.

Many workers have started their jobs remotely/home office due to the past pandemic and also expect greater flexibility in their work practices in the future.

Companies already use the Metaverse

Several companies are already adopting various technologies from the Metaverse to test and implement for their organization.

GE Healthcare – Virtual Reality Training:
Back in 2018, GE began offering training for medical staff and trainees in virtual spaces. Here it was possible to try out the use of medical equipment without having to have a patient or even the technical equipment on site.

This gave the new employees and trainees more confidence in handling such machines as well as patients in reality. Errors in the real application of the machines could thus be minimized.

PwC with virtual recruiting events:

The potential of the Metaverse, especially for attracting and training new employees, has already been recognized by PwC, which conducts advertising as well as recruiting events in the digital space.

In these, employees, trainees and interested parties can meet and communicate with each other as avatars in virtual space. This opens up the possibility of bringing together employees from all over the world to share their knowledge.

These are just two examples of companies that are already testing the Corporate Metaverse or integrating it into their everyday business.

How will the corporate metaverse affect the world of work in the future?The corporate metaverse at least has the potential to fundamentally change the way companies work.

Improved collaboration, increased productivity, cost savings, and better scalability are just a few of the many benefits spurring companies to build engagement in the corporate metaverse.

We accompany you on your way into the metaverse:

At Roover, we see the challenges and opportunities that the corporate metaverse brings. As a management consultancy specialized in the metaverse, we help from the first overview with our metaverse workshops, through strategy development to the operational implementation of your projects.

Your partner for the Metaverse

Robin Reuschel
Corporate Metaverse

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