Nike launched its new platform .Swoosh

Nike launched its new platform .Swoosh on November 18. This platform will allow users to not only buy, but also co-design and sell digital sneakers. Swoosh members will compete with the brand’s designers to create digital kicks and secure a share of the royalties. 

How this is going to work in detail, however, is not yet clear. The platform will initially focus on building community and setting “challenges” for members to get a sense of what they want to see. The brand’s first virtual collection – footwear, apparel and accessories will appear on Swoosh in January 2023

Cristiano Ronaldo offers NFTs

Cristiano Ronaldo, in cooperation with Binance, launched his first NFT collection this Friday, November 18. This is said to contain seven animated statues of superstar footballer CR7. Aside from getting the NFT, other features such as autographs and also a mystery box are also to be unlocked.

The partnership of Ronaldo and Binance is supposed to run over several years and the goal is presumably to introduce fans of Ronaldo to the Web3 area as well as to NFTs.

The cost of the NFTs will range from $77 to $10,000 depending on rarity.

Pro-Sancture - Seniors in the metaverse

Pro Senectute – a Swiss organization on aging issues and care services for seniors – has purchased virtual land in Sandbox and Decentraland. The goal is to offer a course center or an advice desk in the metaverse, as some elderly people are not so good on their feet anymore and it therefore makes sense to offer a meeting in the virtual world.

However, quick success is not expected – the focus is rather on seniors in the future, who could use these offers.

Meg-averse by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are entering the Metaverse with the goal of making their brand completely global and getting their message across better to their fans. So far, it is known that the Metaverse is in talks with them. Up to now, the project has been named “Meg-averse” after Meghan Markle, who is said to be the driving force behind the project.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle plan to create their own metaverse “Meg-averse” with to make their brand known worldwide.

KPMG into the Metaverse

KPMG has hired a new, and thus the first, head of Metaverse futures. The goal here is to develop new business models based on cryptocurrencies and metaverse technologies. 

The background is an increasing number of requests from customers on the subject of the use of Metaverse and Web3 technologies – therefore it is expected that new business models will arise in the future


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