Porsche enters the NFT market with 911

Porsche put out an announcement on 29 November on their new Twitter account (eth_Porsche), which is supposed to be all about Web3, for their own NFTs. The focus of the NFTs will be the well-known 911 Porsche. A total of 7,500 NFTs will be minted and come with real future rewards, according to the website. 

The design of the NFTs is not fixed beforehand, but is changed by instructions given by the creator. Thus, up to 150,000 different variants could be created.

Sony´s motion capture device

Sony has announced that it will launch a mobile motion capture device called “mocopi” in January 2023. It captures the movements of the entire body with small and lightweight devices. This can be used to control a digital avatar in real time within metaverse applications such as VR chat. 

The device consists of 6 different parts, which are attached to the legs, arms, hips and head. The price is currently 49,500 yen (~344 EUR).

Nation in the Metaverse

In a video speech at the COP27 climate conference, the foreign minister of the island nation of Tuvalu, Simon Kofe, made a plea to save his country. Tuvalu is one of the island states most threatened by climate change due to rapid warming, rising sea levels and droughts. 

 plan now – to recreate the country virtually. The declared goal is to become the world’s first digital country. This is to lay out both the land and the culture for future generations and give consolation to the people.

World Cup Protests in the Metaverse?

Around the controversial World Cup in Qatar, there is now a protest action in the Metaverse of Roblox. A protest was organised by the human rights organisation “All Out” in the “Fifa World” created to celebrate the World Cup. 

Avatars of activists lined up in the centre of Fifa World in a particular order so that their virtual tshirts read “FIFA: UNPLAY THE HATE”. All Out has already announced that this is not the last action and called for people to demonstrate in the Fifa World.

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