Fiat sells cars in the metaverse

Fiat has opened a Metaverse Store – an interactive showroom – where it is possible to talk to a real person (the FIAT Product Genius) who answers questions in real time. 

So far, only the new Fiat 500 is available in this store, but by September 2023, more models will be available for purchase through the store.

BlackRoocks tokenisation prediction

According to Larry Fink, CEO of BlackRock, we are facing tokenisation as the next generation of markets, especially securities. In other words, a process in which securities are represented by a created token and its owner is identified and authenticated. 

This will enable a different way of trading assets. Transfers of shares, bonds, real estate or even land, wine and art will be visible in a public ledger. This process has been described as ” instantaneous settlement ” and “reduced fees”, which are possible through this technology.

Indonesia's metaverse currency

The Indonesian central bank is following many central banks around the world with the idea of a digital central bank currency. A digital rupiah currency will be able to be used to buy prducts in the metaverse in the future, according to the governor of Indonesia’s central bank. 

This should then be technically compatible with the digital currencies of other central banks. A gradual introduction of the digital currency is planned.

Fail of the Week: EU Party in the Metaverse – with 6 people

In an attempt to inspire politically uncommitted young people to join the EU’s Global Gateway initiative, the EU hosted a gala at the Metaverse. A trailer on Twitter gives a glimpse of the location – a tropical island with music in the background. 

The surprising thing is that in the end only 5-6 people showed up at the event. A journalist shared his experience with a short video on Twitter, on which an empty stage can be seen. The entire event is said to have cost around 387,000 euros.