Crisis at Meta? Announcements about layoffs

According to media reports, a significant job cut is looming at Zuckerberg’s Meta. The reason for this is Meta’s weakening core business – online advertising on Facebook and Instagram. 

The loss of 3.7 billion is particularly high in the Metaverse division of “Reality Labs”. Pressure could be made by the share price of Meta, which has been falling sharply for months. Exact figures on layoffs and timing were not yet available.

Survey on the metaverse

A survey of 6000 participants from Germany, France, Great Britain and the USA by Publicis Sapient. Germany brings up the rear in terms of “familiarity with the metaverse” with 16% – in the USA, on the other hand, the figure was 40%. When asked about their interest in becoming active in the metaverse, the Germans averaged 41%. 

When it comes to concerns about data security, however, the mood is rather subdued, with around 2/3 stating that they have concerns. However, security and fear of sexual harassment also played a major role for 54% of the Germans surveyed.

Playstation VR2 Release

Sony has announced that it will deliver the VR glasses (VR2) on February 22, 2023. The price is already fixed at $549.99. Besides the PSVR2 headset, the PSVR2 Sense controller and a stereo headset are included.

Alibaba shopping mall in the metaverse for singlesday

On the occasion of Singles Day in China – a huge shopping event on November 11th – the e-commerce platform Alibaba is opening a complete shopping mall in the Metaverse. The Alibaba research institute DAMO Academy works together with the licensing platform Alifish to make this possible. Around 700 products are planned and the mall is to be modeled on a classic physical mall. The aim is that consumers spend more time looking at the products and are more likely to buy goods.


Largest football stadium in the Metaverse by Hubolt and MEIS

Hubolt, a Swiss luxury watch manufacturer and Meis, an architecture firm are collaborating to build the largest soccer stadium in the Metaverse to date. In addition to sports, the stadium will be used for art and other digital events. The occasion is said to be the soon-to-be-held World Cup in Qatar. 

The stadium is to hold around 90,000 spectators and be accessible via the site.

Metaverse for Wealth-Management?

Julius Baer and UBS, two major Swiss banks, are trying out Meta’s virtual conference rooms to see what opportunities there are for wealth management in the future, among other things. In addition to customer contact, virtual working options are also being tested in the internal business – there is talk of giving employees in the home office the usual office atmosphere. 

However, there are still concerns about data security when sharing documents.

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