Missing Metaverse Competences in Retail

What’s happening in the Metaverse and Crypto economy?
Our top story: Only 4,9% of companies in the retail industry have the competences to enter the Metaverse, although 60% see the metaverse as the future.

Retail in the metaverse: Missing competences?

What will be the impact of metaverse on the retail industry in 5-10 years? 

A study of 433 decision-makers in the retail industry analyzed that 78.1 percent of respondents are aware of the metaverse, 60 percent believe in the metaverse, and 40.8 percent think the metaverse will change their industry forever.
However, only 4.9% of respondents believe their company has the expertise to enter the Metaverse business.

Ethereum Merge: What’s the impact for the crypto economy?

Between September 10th and 20th, one of the biggest events in the crypto world is supposed to happen – the Ethereum merge. Ethereum is going from two blockchains, the mainchain and the beacon chain to just one. 

Thus, they are changing their consensus algorithm from proof of work to proof of stake. In addition to saving a lot of energy, this makes transactions possible at lower fees.

The merge will have a large impact on the crypto market, depending how successful the merge will be executed. Any mistakes and errors can cause severe damage. We are excited to see how this one ends.

Football and NFTs: Fifa+ for new fan engagement?

FIFA has announced their new platform FIFA+ Collect, which will be available at the end of this month. It is announced that the greatest moments of the FIFA World Cup and FIFA Women’s World Cup will be released as digital collectibles. 

The blockchain partner of FIFA is Algorand, which will be used with FIFA+ Collect.

Dapper+Ticketmaster: Innovative event experiences?

Ticketmaster has announced that event organizers have a new way in addition to selling tickets: Selling additional NFTs. These NFTs have digital features for fans, who can continue to benefit from the NFTs after the event itself. 

It is announced that these can be shared online or activated to access unique loyalty rewards, VIP engagement opportunities and more.

AtleticoSoccer: A small STEPN for Fankind?

It is announced that Atlético de Madrid and WhaleFin are jointly launching a collection of 1,001 NFT soccer boots through STEPN. The collection will be divided into 3 different classes, Common, Uncommon and Rare. Through the STEPN and WhaleFin app, these soccer shoes will have various exclusive perks. 

From an exclusive experience consisting of a trip including a hotel stay and tickets to an Atlético de Madrid game at the Cívitas Metropolitano, to exclusive access to an official jersey signed by the team captains.

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