Video-leak of the “Meta Quest Pro”

Our weekly Metaverse and Crypto Economy News: What’s happening out there?

Top story today: A video-leak of the “Meta Quest Pro”. Apparently, the device was forgotten by employees in a hotel. The hotel employee who found the device made a short video in which he unboxed the Meta Quest Pro.

It is widely believed that the Meta Quest Pro will be unveiled on October 11 at Meta’s developer conference. This might be another game changer for AR / VR – Looking forward to that.

Study by Teamviewer: How good is your knowledge on the Metaverse?

A new study in Germany shows that ~70% of all respondents know little about the Metaverse or even what it is. Only around 25% rate their knowledge to be “very good” or “rather good”. Not surprisingly, the older the respondents were, the less informed they were on the metaverse.

This study highlights again how Germany is missing the next major trend in technology.

Immersive coffee experiences: What could that be, Starbucks?

Starbucks is joining Web3 by expanding their Starbucks Rewards Members to digital collectables with NFTs. Customer can earn new benefits, join the Starbucks digital community, and win immersive coffee experiences (I’m still curious, what this means).

This new, blockchain-based form of loyalty program might be a game changer for the industry and offer a new competitive advantage for Starbucks.

NBA x Sorare: A new competitor for NBA TopShots?

Sorare enters the next major sports market: At the start of the new basketball season in autumn, it will be possible to collect and play with digital NFT trading cards of NBA stars. This will be another huge steps for Sorare to position itself as a leading NFT collectable player.

Binance USD: More efficiency in trading?

Binance plans to convert the stablecoins USD Coin, Pax Dollar and True USD to its own stablecoin Binance USD. The intention is to improve trading efficiency and increase liquidity. It will be interesting to see how this move will impact the market share of stablecoin, esp. for Tether.

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