Disney’s Metaverse for “Next-generation storytelling”

Latest news on Crypto and Metaverse – Our Top Story: “Next-generation storytelling” with Disney’s Metaverse as a new threat for Netflix?

Disney is planning its own metaverse experience that would allow fans to visit a Disney theme park without actually being there.

This metaverse would exist on the Disney+ platform. Disney’s CEO Bob Chapek paraphrased this as “next-generation storytelling” and said it would allow the 90 percent of people who can never go to a Disney park to experience it in virtual reality.

However, there was also a lot of criticism of the announcement on social media, with many seeing the rising prices of the theme park as the reason why the “90%” would not be able to have the real experience.

The Dubaiverse in Sandbox

The Sandbox platform will launch a new Dubai-themed metaverse called Dubaiverse. The collaboration will be led with local partners such as digital brokerage GCEX, Khaleej Times and Dubai crypto regulator VARA. The plan was unveiled at the 62nd True Global Ventures Conference.

The Metaverse against plastic waste?

The environmental organization WWF wants to draw attention to the plastic waste crisis with a Metaverse project. WWF Germany and Savespecies open virtual exhibition space where digital art is sold, and the proceeds are used to fight the plastic crisis. The official launch date is September 17, which is also World Cleanup Day.

The centerpiece of the exhibition is an anamorphic whale composed of 50 floating plastic waste objects. These detailed objects can be purchased as digital art.

South Korea: New laws for Metaverse

South Korea announced it would not regulate the Metaverse with traditional video game laws. So, they will focus on Metaverse with new laws. In general, South Korea is one of the most supportive countries for new technologies.

New York’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) – buying NFTs costing up to 70 million?

The Museum of Modern Art in New York is considering buying NFTs with the proceeds of a $70 million auction of a collection gathered by the founder of the CBS broadcast network.

It wants to expand the museum’s digital reach after attendance plummeted during and after the pandemic. The museum has a team of staff monitoring the digital art market and is considering purchasing digital art associated with NFTs.

Norway's central bank relying the Ethereum blockchain for their digital currency CBDC

The Norwegian central bank Norges Bank is relying on the Ethereum blockchain for its planned central bank digital currency (CBDC). The bank confirmed this in a tweet on Friday.

Further, its official project partner announced in a blog post to make the code for the test network available on Github. Here, the code for the test environment is publicly viewable.

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