Walmart starting a Metaverse project together with Roblox

Walmart enters the Metaverse with its Roblox Worlds. 

Walmart is entering the metaverse through the Roblox platform, which targets younger shoppers with two experiences: Walmart Land and Walmart’s Universe of play. According to the marketing chief, this will be used as a testing ground, while other moves in the metaverse are considered. 

Walmart in Roblox will offer shoppable recipes, livestreaming events and an augmented reality feature for furniture, among other things. Walmart’s step into the metaverse might be a game changer for the wholesale industry. How will other players respond?

Zepeto approaching US and European market

Zepeto, a well-known metaverse platform in Asia, particularly China, South Korea and Japan, with 15-20 billion active users, is stepping up its global expansion to compete with major technology companies that are investing billions in creating virtual worlds with avatars. Growth plans are likely to include the U.S. and Western Europe.

Studying the Metaverse?

In China, there will be a degree program on the metaverse. Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology is offering this to provide training for master’s students, doctoral students and postdocs focusing on metaverse. 

The 25-year-old Department of Information Engineering has been renamed the Department of Metaverse Engineering for this purpose.

Telefonica x Qualcomm for the Metaverse

Telefónica and Qualcomm are working together to shape and drive the foundations for the future of the Metaverse as well as XR. 

The collaboration aims to expand the extended reality “XR” ecosystem through the use of Snapdragon Spaces and train Telefónica’s internal teams and external innovation programs in XR hardware and application and service development.

South-Korea´s Next Metaverse City

Changwon is the latest addition to the many South Korean cities seeking a presence in the metaverse to strengthen their economies. The plan is to replicate their industrial complex in the metaverse to promote their businesses and products. 

Digital twin technology will be used for this purpose. In the future, Changwon is expected to be able to test and predict advances in technology and the environment.

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