Meta and Microsoft will cooperate in Meta´s Metaverse ​

At the launch of the Meta Quest Pro, a headset for VirtualReality as well as MixedReality, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella joined Marc Zuckerberg and together they announced that there will be future collaboration between Microsoft and Meta. 

Microsoft will bring its Windows 365 and Microsoft Teams applications to Meta’s Metaverse in the process.

Fifa joining Roblox

Fifa has announced a multi-year partnership with Roblox to create a virtual environment called Fifa World in which users will be able to interact in social areas, earn rewards and collect virtual items. 

The virtual game environment is to be released in the run-up to the upcoming FIFA World Cup in Qatar. FIFA plans to continue to develop a variety of interactive soccer experiences for fans.

Meta: Finally legs in the Metaverse

Besides the presentation of the Meta Quest Pro and the cooperation with Microsoft, Meta also announced that the avatars in their own Metaverse will be equipped with legs in the future. The update for legs was probably the most requested feature as Meta reports.

Meta's employees: No idea of your company’s strategy?

The NewYorkTimes has reported on a survey that polled 1,000 Meta employees. As a result, it was found that only 58% of employees understand the company’s Metaverse strategy and that there is much resentment over frequent employee turnover. 

There was even talk of “MMH” projects, which stand for “MakeMarkHappy” regarding Metaverse Projects. So it seems that not all employees are quite fine with the company’s new strategy.

Google partnering with Coinbase

According to a press release, Google Cloud will accept cryptocurrency as payment from early 2023 to drive innovation in Web 3.0. Crypto exchange Coinbase is said to be part of the partnership, which aims to “build more advanced exchange and data services.” 

The idea is to use Google Cloud’s powerful computing platform to process blockchain data at scale. At the same time, the reach of the crypto services offered, will be extended through Google’s “world-class fiber network,” it says.

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