Rimowa enters the world of NFTs with RTFKT​

LVMH’s Rimowa has partnered with Nike’s RTFKT. The goal is to release NFTs, which are associated with a limited edition physical luggage. The release date is Oct. 27. The NFTs cannot simply be purchased – instead, a series of tasks must be completed to “mint” one of the NFTs. These NFTs can then be exchanged as tokens for a physical version of the case.

L'Oréal cooperates with Meta:

L’Oréal, Meta and French business school HEC Paris have teamed up to launch a Metaverse startup accelerator. This program aims to foster startups in AR and avatar creation. At least five startups are currently being supported. L’Oréal appears to be taking a step into its future on Web3 through this commitment to secure a competitive advantage going forward.

Interpol in the Metaverse:

At a session of the 90th Interpol General Assembly in New Delhi, Interpol unveiled its global police metaverse, designed specifically for global law enforcement agencies.

This metaverse allows registered users around the world to enter the replica headquarters of the Interpol General Secretariat in Lyon and interact with each other and also attend training sessions. According to Interpol, there is an increasing amount of crime in the digital space and therefore also in the metaverse.

Housing bubble in the Metaverse:

Virtual land is becoming worth less and less. After a long period of strong price increases, a strong price decline can now be observed in various Metaverse projects. This is also accompanied by weak user numbers. According to the analysis platform Wemeta, a price drop of about 80 percent can be seen in the metaverses of The Sandbox and Decentraland.

Nokia believes cell phones will be obsolete

Nokia believes that phones will become obsolete due to the metaverse and that communication will mainly take place through the use of VR headsets and augmented reality glasses. To this regard, Nokia sees not only the private sector but also the use for industry as very important.

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