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Learn the versatile possibilities with Artificial Intelligence in our AI Masterclass and optimize processes and standard activities. Our training and education on artificial intelligence will make your team fit for the future.

Artificial Intelligence: Masterclass

Artificial intelligence will change the way employees work in companies and create new value: Processes will become faster, new innovations will be created and areas of responsibility will shift.

Artificial intelligence will have a major impact on businesses and the existing economy everywhere in the world – up to $15.7 trillion in total.

This disruption must be a wake-up call for many companies: How can companies leverage AI and empower employees to take advantage of these new opportunities?

AI training for your company?

Our AI training at a glance

Artificial intelligence has established itself among the masses with ChatGPT at the latest. In our AI Masterclass you will learn to use the potential of Artificial Intelligence in everyday business.

Our training goes far beyond the surface by offering specialized modules that cover the fundamentals, techniques, and advanced concepts of AI.

We explain in our interactive training how AI technologies can be integrated into your specific business processes. We focus on practical orientation so that participants can apply their new skills directly in real-life scenarios.

To this end, your employees will learn the safe and proper use of artificial intelligence in order to be able to work with greater efficiency, data security and innovative strength.

1. understand basics of artificial intelligence

Step into the world of AI and discover the potential and limitations of different tools:

  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the relevance for the market economy
  • Interaction with other future-oriented (metaverse) technologies
  • History and outlook on the development of AI
  • Overview of key AI application areas and tools.

2. increase creativity in the company

Increase creativity through targeted use of AI tools:

  • Development of innovative product ideas through AI support
  • Use of AI in marketing and customer service
  • Supporting creative activities / job profiles through generative AI.
  • Interplay and interaction of different AI tools

3. accelerate analyses and research

Let AI take over thankless research and analysis tasks:

  • Support of analysis and research activities by AI tools
  • Data analysis and visualization with AI tools
  • Preparing complex issues for specific target groups

4. using AI correctly in the company

Learn to overcome the challenges of using AI correctly in the enterprise

  • Security, privacy and responsibility in dealing with AI applications
  • Legal framework that should be considered when using AI content
  • Identification of relevant application examples in the company

We empower your teams to use AI properly

We introduce participants to the multi-faceted world of Artificial Intelligence.

Potential business models with artificial intelligence for your company will be discussed with the participants and possible implementation steps will be shown so that you can effectively integrate the technology into your operational processes.

AI Training FAQs

Artificial intelligence refers to machines that can perform tasks that require human-like intelligence. At its core, AI is the ability of machines to mimic human behavior and thought. AI will have a big impact on businesses.

The use of AI can increase efficiency, provide new insights, and improve business performance. However, there are a lot of risks when using it, such as data protection, legal aspects that should be considered.

The training is suitable for anyone who wants to get involved with AI and increase its use in the company. No specific prior knowledge is required. For companies with specific needs, we offer in-depth training and education.

The AI training basically consists of 4 parts: Build fundamentals on AI, Increase creativity with AI tools, Perform analysis with AI tools, Understand risks and challenges. We will show many practical examples and let the participants work with AI tools themselves.

We are happy to customize the AI training to the specific wishes and needs of your company.

Our AI training courses and trainings are mostly structured as half-day or full-day workshops. Depending on the customer’s needs, the length can be adjusted or even set up as an appointment series.

Costs vary depending on the size of the participant group and the length of the workshop. The cost for companies is usually around 3,000-4,000 EUR (for a number of participants of 10-15 people). We would be happy to make you an offer for AI training at your company.

Yes, participants receive a certificate confirming their AI knowledge

AI training for your teams?

Start with us into the versatile possibilities of Artificial Intelligence with our AI trainings and education.

Learn all about Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Automation and Data Analytics or how Artificial Intelligence can be integrated into different industries.

Discover innovative business opportunities to build new revenue channels or optimize costs through AI technologies.

We look forward to starting your journey into the world of Artificial Intelligence.

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Trainer AI training
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Trainer AI training

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