ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis Training

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Advanced Data Analysis Training

ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis revolutionizes the way companies handle data processing and automation.

ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis enables faster and more precise processing of information, optimizes processes and allows more time for value-adding activities.

However, without targeted training, there is a risk that companies will miss out on the full power of ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis and lose competitiveness: When are you utilizing the full potential of this powerful AI tool?

Your training for ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis?

ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis training at a glance

The use of ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis opens up new horizons in automation and data processing. In our specialized training, you will dive into the world of this innovative AI tool and explore its possible applications in your company.

The training is designed to not only teach the basics, but also to go into depth on advanced applications of ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis.

The hands-on approach in our training will enable your team to skillfully integrate ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis into your business processes and activities.

Interactive exercises and realistic scenarios allow the newly acquired skills to be put directly into practice with ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis.

1. basics of ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis

Immerse yourself in the world of ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis:

  • Understanding of technology and importance in a business context
  • Basic application and skills
  • Examples and practical exercises for an easy start

2. use cases and best practices in companies

Experience the transformative power of ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis:

  • Possible applications from customer service to data analysis
  • Industry-specific use cases of ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis
  • Individual integration into your business processes

3. advanced application

Expand your skills and learn advanced techniques:

    • In-depth data analysis and linking as well as processing of various file formats
    • Preparation of business plans and strategy development
    • Live demos and exercises for hands-on understanding

4. practical work with case studies

Learn through hands-on experience and direct application:

  • Practical work on real projects with expert guidance
  • Analysis of real projects and teamwork on a company case
  • Interactive workshop discussion to identify use cases in your company

Our ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis Training takes you to the next level

AI Training FAQs

The training is aimed at companies that want to use ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis in their business processes. This includes both employees and decision makers who want to use this tool in their daily work.

ChatGPT should be used extensively in advance so that the basic functions of the AI tool are known. For this purpose, basic knowledge of data processing and analysis is helpful, but not essential. The training provides an introduction and covers advanced concepts.

The training can be designed flexibly and can be organized as a one-day workshop or a multi-part series, depending on your needs and desired content.

Yes, participants will receive a certificate confirming their knowledge of ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis upon successful completion of the training.

Costs vary depending on the duration, format and specific requirements of the training. Please contact us for an individual offer

Yes, the training is continuously updated to ensure that it covers the latest technologies, best practices and industry standards for ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis.

AI training for your team?

Join us in the fascinating world of ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis in our AI training course.

Learn how to use ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis to automate complex tasks, streamline processes and make data-driven decisions in your organization.

We look forward to exploring the potential of ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis with you.

Oliver Breucker
Expert ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis
Robin Reuschel
Expert ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis

What is ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis?

The ChatGPT language model from OpenAI has a new plugin, ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis. This plugin has the potential to revolutionize tasks like data and financial analysis.

With this plugin it is possible to,
prepare, explore, segment data and perform mathematical analyses, including
including more complex operations such as regression analysis.

With ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis, not only can prompts for text generation be executed, but files such as images or CSV files can also be uploaded and edited. This flexibility opens up a wide range of applications, from table data analysis to image processing .

Some of the many tasks that are possible with ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis are as follows:

  • Solve mathematical problems, such as regression analysis to predict trends and patterns
  • Data analysis from .csv files to gain valuable insights from large datasets
  • Data visualization using libraries such as Matplotlib and Seaborn to illustrate complex relationships
  • Editing and converting images, including cropping, flipping, and merging images
  • Analysis and optimization of own code to improve performance and efficiency
  • Creative projects like writing your own games and producing videos
  • Develop your own machine learning applications for modeling and predicting data

ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis provides seamless integration of text and code, allowing users to execute their creative ideas and analytical skills in a familiar chat environment.

ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis opens up numerous use cases that can make employees in companies more efficient and faster. Especially in number-heavy activities, such as in controlling, accounting or other finance departments, processes can be accelerated with the new plugin.

ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis - Application examples

The use of ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis enables many companies to optimize processes and carry out standardized activities more quickly. The application examples for ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis range from data analysis and visualization to the recognition of different file formats.

In our ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis training course, we discuss the following application examples and use cases, among others:

Data Analysis

By inserting a data set, such as an Excel file, ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis can read the data and explain what the data is about.

A good example is the analysis of a survey. ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis reads the data and summarizes the key results in a short time. Through the interactive conversations with ChatGPT, deeper analyses and correlations in the data can be elaborated.

The beauty of it? In response to queries, ChatGPT explains the desired analyses and adapts its response to the listener.

Data visualization

One of the best known application examples is the visualization of data. Many are already telling the program that this is where its particular strength lies.

By inserting files, for example, data can now be visualized quickly. Here, the program is not bound to a certain type of display, but can create various graphics.

Besides bar charts, line charts, histograms, heat maps and also scatterplots are already created.

The basis of visualization is provided by Matplotlib and Seaborn, which are libraries for data visualization with Python.

In our ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis training course, we will discuss further application examples with the participants and learn how to implement them in practical exercises:

  • Extract colors from images: By uploading an image, it is possible to determine the five most dominant colors of an image, for example. These colors are not only represented visually, but can also be specified as RGB or hex values to be used accordingly in image editing programs
  • Create QR codes: By entering a website and asking to create a QR code, it will be created as a PNG image and offered for download.
  • Create video slideshows: The ability to upload not just one, but multiple images or files makes it possible to have a slideshow created. For example, four images can be uploaded with the request to show them in a video slideshow. The display duration of each image and the transition can be determined directly and created by ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis.
  • PDF, Word and image recognition: What was previously only possible with plugins now simply works in the chat. PDF, Word, or image files can be uploaded and analyzed in the chat. The text can also be read from image files and converted to a CSV file, for example
These first examples already show the potential of how ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis will fundamentally change and accelerate the processing of data and files. In our Code Interpreter training courses, you will learn how to use this powerful tool in your company.

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