Automotive and mechanical engineering industry in industrial metaverse

The idea of the industrial metaverse is an exciting vision that is often forgotten in the hype around the more end-customer-centric metaverse.

The industrial metaverse offers companies the ability to create digital factories, products and services that all reside in the same virtual environment.

How does the Industrial Metaverse affect industrial companies?

Digital twins, real-time simulation and augmented reality maintenance are terms that are repeatedly associated with the industrial metaverse. But for very few companies in the automotive, supplier and industrial sectors, these technologies are already in use. The industrial metaverse is still a ways off, but is coming at industrial companies in rapid strides. The exciting question: How can industrial companies use the metaverse for themselves to discover new business opportunities, optimize processes or leverage efficiencies?

The Industrial Metaverse to increase efficiency

The industrial metaverse is the next logical step after the initiatives and projects around Industrie4.0. Improving products and factories using digital twins and virtual simulations enables a wide range of new innovations and process improvements. For companies in the automotive and mechanical engineering industries, the Industrial Metaverse offers diverse application possibilities.

Design and development of vehicles in virtual worlds

Virtual reality training and education

Augmented Reality Remote Maintenance (AR Maintenance)

Simulation of production processes with digital twins

Tracking the supply chain with blockchain technologies

In addition, the industrial metaverse opens up a virtual platform for companies to create and share data and knowledge, where they can collaborate more effectively. These innovations around the industrial metaverse can be used to improve efficiency, reduce costs and increase profitability.

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Industry examples for the Industrial Metaverse

The Industrial Metaverse is not just a far-off vision of the future Internet. In many companies, the first steps are already being taken to incorporate immersive technologies around the metaverse into existing processes and to leverage efficiencies.

BMW with Nvidia

In order to make its already highly efficient productions even more efficient, BMW relies on the use of virtual digital tw ins.

The replica of a BMW car factory is being built in cooperation with Nvidia to optimize processes and operations, enable remote workers to collaborate and drive further robotization.

The new possibilities through virtual simulation in the digital twin create extensive potential for further efficiencies and synergies.

Audi with Holoride

For many customers, the in-car entertainment system is an increasingly decisive factor in the purchasing process.

To address this trend, Audi has begun working with Holoride to develop an in-vehicle VR headset for entertainment, education and gaming content that adapts to the movements of the vehicle.

Although this is only a first step into the metaverse, it shows the direction in which companies need to think in order to meet their customer requirements in the future.

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The potential of immersive technologies (such as the use of augmented reality for service teams) or the use of digital twins in production processes are undisputed.

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