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Artificial intelligence, digital twins and immersive technologies are changing the world. We support you on your way into the future.

We develop strategies for the metaverse and design innovative business models.

Metaverse Workshop

We build the necessary knowledge around Metaverse, Web3 and AI and discuss strategic ideas.

Strategy development

We develop innovative strategies and business models for your company with the new possibilities in the metaverse.

Metaverse Readiness Check

We analyze your competitors and their metaverse activities and check how your company can become active in the metaverse.

Due Diligences & Financial Planning

We analyze your investments and make a financial plan for your project before an expensive implementation starts.

Implementation support

We accompany the implementation of your Metaverse project with implementation partners as a central Project Management Office.

AI Training

We train your employees and develop important competencies to use artificial intelligence efficiently and correctly in your company

Let our numerous project references convince you

Energy Group (DAX)

Development of a Web3 Wallet for SSI

  • Conceptualization of a web3 wallet that enables digital freedom and sustainability in the digital environment through a self-sovereign identity infrastructure.
  • Creation of the business plan and validation with potential customer and vendors
  • Support during MVP development for testing the wallet
Swiss Bank

Development of a crypto strategy

  • Benchmarking and market analysis of the crypto portfolio and metaverse activities of other banking institutions.
  • Developing potential crypto-use cases as future business models.
  • Definition and evaluation of possible scenarios and derivation of corresponding strategies
Real Estate Developer

Development of a metaverse strategy

  • External market analysis incl. Benchmarking of competitors and evaluation of metaverse platforms
  • Review of ongoing Metaverse initiatives and activities.
  • Establishment of the organization for entry into the Metaverse market and definition of key roles
Tier-1 Strategy Consulting

Metaverse expert support

  • Preparation of a market study on the Metaverse and its impact on industrial SMEs in Germany.
  • Building an executive learning program to understand blockchain, NFTs and related Web3 / Metaverse trends.
  • Implementation of innovation workshops on metaverse business models
NFT Marketplace Provider

NFT market study for entry strategy

  • Market study on the German soccer market and new merchandising potential for NFT suppliers
  • Benchmarking and market analysis of competing NFT providers
  • Conducting interviews with the management of 5 leading clubs (1. Bundesliga) and their perception of current trends

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Robin Reuschel
Metaverse & AI Expert

The metaverse is like the Internet circa 1990. No one knows exactly what it can do, but it will revolutionize the world.

Strategy consultant with a passion for future technologies

Oliver Breucker
Metaverse Strategy Advisor
Robin Reuschel
Metaverse Strategy Advisor

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Roover is a boutique strategy consultancy specializing in metaverse, Web3.0, artificial intelligence and immersive technologies. The metaverse is one of the greatest opportunities since the emergence of the Internet.

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