Metaverse Readiness Check

Entering the metaverse is not an easy journey for many companies. Lack of skills, fierce competition and great uncertainty prevent companies from entering future technologies and markets.

We support you with our comprehensive analysis to take the first steps into the metaverse.

Metaverse Readiness Check

We examine your company with our proven analysis method for various entry points into the metaverse.

In doing so, we analyze your competition for its activities, develop initial ideas for implementation together with you, and define initial measures.

We build the fundamental understanding and know-how in your company to become active in the Metaverse.

We develop business ideas for the metaverse

The Readiness Check at a glance

Our analysis includes four core phases to develop a holistic picture for your business and draw the right conclusions to enter the metaverse.

1. market trends analysis and benchmarking

Benchmark Metaverse activities and strategy of leading companies in your industry and derive initial implications for positioning in the Metaverse.

2. development of potential business ideas

Brainstorm and develop innovative ideas for new business models or potential products/services for your company in the Metaverse.

3. testing of possible technologies

Investigate metaverse technologies that can be implemented in the enterprise to increase revenue or optimize costs.

4. planning of first metaverse initiatives

Based on our analysis: development of measures to enter the metaverse.

When do you start the Metaverse?

Oliver Breucker
Metaverse Strategy Development