Strategies for the future of the Internet

Together, we develop your strategy to position you correctly for future technologies such as artificial intelligence and the metaverse. We examine your existing business model, analyze your competitors and check your organization for the necessary skills and structures.

Together, we identify innovative business ideas, assess their financial feasibility and define a clear strategy for how your company can tackle future trends such as AI and the metaverse.

Looking for a future strategy?

The right strategy for digitalization and implementation of new technologies such as AI, AR/VR or digital twins poses major challenges for many companies:

  • What new business models should you pursue?
  • How much should you invest for this future market?
  • What competencies do you need in the company?
We analyze various dimensions to develop a sustainable strategy for your company:
Discover new

Business models

  • Analysis of the existing business model for feasibility in the metaverse
  • Identification of potential new business models for your company
  • Transparency about successful use cases
Win against

Market & Competition

  • Clarity about the market dynamics, size, and
  • Competitive analysis of your current and potential future competitors in the metaverse
  • Overview of startups as attractive investment opportunities
Develop innovative

Products & Services

  • Trends towards innovative products and services
  • Identification of possible entry products and
    -services for your company
  • Gap analysis to the current vs. future portfolio
Strengthen your

Organizational structure

  • Transparency about changes in the requirements for future employees
  • Identification of necessary competencies and derivation of concrete measures (training, recruiting strategy)
  • Optimization opportunities through decentralized organizations
Optimize the

Value chain

  • Overview of new global value chains through digital goods
  • Analysis of the impact of the metaverse on the existing value chain
  • Review of future sourcing & pooling strategies.

Together we develop your strategy for the future of the Internet.

How can companies develop a metaverse or AI strategy?

As with any strategy development, there is no standard recipe for a metaverse or AI strategy. Depending on the company, industry, customers, suppliers and internal processes, the effects of these future technologies should be analyzed holistically and a sustainable strategy developed.

Heading if needed


Strategy development for AI and metaverse

The starting point for the strategy is to build the necessary knowledge. We analyze the possible applications in your industry and identify the necessary conclusions as to how you can use artificial intelligence and the metaverse for yourself.

We then work with your company to develop a coherent concept for how you can use these future technologies in the long term.

In the process we i
dentify potential business models
for you, develop your organization with the necessary competencies and build a roadmap for implementation.

Instead of jumping on the next hype, we build a holistic strategy for your company to set you up for the future.

We support you on your way to the immersive internet

A careful analysis forms the basis for a sustainable strategy. In the rapidly changing market environment of the metaverse and ki, a deep understanding is necessary in order to draw the right conclusions at all times and adapt the strategy to the new circumstances if necessary.
FAQs on the metaverse and AI strategy

Yes, every company should develop a strategy for the metaverse early on. As with the last dominant development of the Internet (keyword: e-commerce or digitalization), the metaverse will have a major impact on companies: from internal processes and structures, to optimization potential in production through digital twins), to new opportunities in sales and marketing in virtual worlds.

Artificial intelligence will also have a major impact on existing business models. Artificial intelligence also has great potential to optimize existing processes and workflows in the company. The important thing here is to involve the workforce at an early stage and build up the necessary skills.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is already being used in a variety of areas and is revolutionizing how we work, learn and shape our daily lives. From the automation of complex processes in industry and the personalization of customer experiences in retail to support in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases in healthcare – the potential applications are almost limitless.

These examples only highlight a fraction of the potential that AI holds for optimizing existing and creating new business models and processes in companies.

In our projects, we analyze which applications offer the greatest added value for your company.

The business opportunities in the Metaverse are diverse and need to be analyzed and evaluated depending on the industry and sector. Use cases range from process optimization through augmented and virtual reality or digital twins to new marketing channels in virtual worlds.

We would be happy to show you the most important application examples in your industry and discuss potential approaches for your companies.

The idea of the metaverse is more than just hype: it’s about the next stage of the Internet. In this immersive Internet, there will be new, innovative business models that will present companies with major challenges if they are not prepared for them early on.

Even though the metaverse is portrayed as hype in the media, the impact of new technologies such as augmented or virtual reality or digital twins will affect many companies. The next stage of digitization towards the metaverse should be taken by companies, esp. in Europe, will not be missed again.

Looking for a metaverse and AI strategy?

Oliver Breucker
Metaverse Strategy Development