Dive into Metaverse and AI:
Metaverse & AI Workshop

We support you with our Metaverse Workshop and seminars around the Metaverse and Artificial Intelligence. In the process, we impart the necessary knowledge and technical basics for the Metaverse and develop initial business ideas for your company.

We create a new awareness in your company for innovative business models, virtual products and new marketing channels in the metaverse.


You want to familiarize your team and employees with the Metaverse and Artificial Intelligence? We support you in this!

Our Metaverse Workshop provides a comprehensive overview of trends and technologies in the metaverse

Learn more about virtual worlds, digital twins, artificial intelligence and their potential for your business. 

Discover new opportunities and business models in the Metaverse and learn how to successfully enter this future market.

AR and VR technologies

AR and VR are the key to the immersive Internet and could replace the mobile Internet. A new generation of communication channels is emerging.


Interactive, digital worlds (Roblox, Sandbox) with virtual goods will become mainstream. 3D shopping and metaverse influencing could inherit e-commerce/social media.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence holds great disruption potential for many business models. At the same time, it also opens up new opportunities in efficiency enhancement and cost optimization


Digital twins are virtual replicas of real objects such as machines that evolve dynamically. The connection between the twins enables mutual improvements.

Blockchain and Digital Goods (NFTs).

Blockchain technology is revolutionizing decentralized databases and creating a new economy with numerous innovative startups. NFTs as certificates of authenticity for digital goods enable innovative revenue strategies.

Immersive organization

The metaverse is once again changing the way companies collaborate. It requires more decentralized structures and new employee skills. In the process, new concepts such as decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) are emerging.

Our Metaverse Workshop is the optimal introduction to Web3.0 for teams and executives.


Impulse lecture

Compact overview for executives on the future market metaverse and AI
  • Insights into the Metaverse: Definition, idea and basic knowledge of the Metaverse.
  • Trends, market dynamics and outlook on how the metaverse can revolutionize user experience
0.5 - 1 hours
ⓒ Nico Kurth


Knowledge building around the metaverse, Web3 and AI, and initial business model ideas.
  • Introduction to the Metaverse: Basic technical knowledge of blockchain, virtual worlds, augmented and virtual reality technologies, digital twins, and artificial intelligence.
  • Innovative business models and use cases in the metaverse
0.5 - 1 days
ⓒ Nico Kurth


Technical understanding, identification of use cases and development of business models
  • Development of a comprehensive metaverse toolkit incl. techn. Know-How, Valuation Frameworks, Business Model Templates
  • Joint conceptualization of business models and use cases in the metaverse
2 - 3 days

Technology trends for the Internet of the future

We will take attendees into the world around the metaverse, blockchain, cryptos, immersive technologies, and digital twins. Potential business models in the metaverse for your company will be discussed with the participants and possible implementation steps will be shown

FAQs about the Metaverse Workshop

The Metaverse is the next evolutionary step of the Internet: an immersive Internet that makes the real world even more digital and tangible, and the virtual world even more realistic. The real and virtual worlds are merging.

While the metaverse is still a concept of the future, it already offers many innovations and business opportunities that companies can take advantage of today.

The Metaverse is still a complex concept that will combine different trends and technologies. These include, blockchain technologies, digital assets and NFTs, immersive technologies such as augmented and virtual reality, virtual worlds, digital twins and artificial intelligence.

The metaverse and Web3 are often used as synonyms, but they are two ideas for advancing the Internet. The Metaverse is an immersive Internet with virtual 3D worlds, while Web3 aims to build a new infrastructure for decentralized Internet. The two concepts are likely to complement each other in the future.

Unser Metaverse Workshop ist primär für das Management, Teams oder Abteilungen von Unternehmen ausgelegt. Der Grund ist: Neben dem „Education“-Teil für den wichtigen Wissensaufbau werden im Workshop auch kreative Ideen und potenzielle Geschäftsmodelle im Metaverse für das Unternehmen diskutiert.

Zukünftig wird für Privatpersonen eine Metaverse Akademie angeboten. Bei Interesse können Sie sich gerne bei uns melden, damit wir Sie auf dem Laufenden halten.

Der Metaverse Workshop ist grundsätzlich in drei Teile aufgeteilt: Wissen aufbauen („Education), das Metaverse erleben („Experience) und Ideen entwickeln („Building“). Mit diesen drei Bausteinen bekommen unsere Teilnehmer einen umfassenden Gesamteinblick zum Metaverse. Natürlich werden die Inhalte in Absprache mit unseren Kunden vorab individuell verfeinert.

Ja, bei den Metaverse Workshops nutzen wir Virtual Reality-Brillen, um den Teilnehmern einen besseren Einblick in das Metaverse zu geben und das „richtige“ Erlebnis zu bieten. Unsere Kunden entscheiden dabei, ob sie die VR-Brillen im Workshop haben wollen.

Je nach Kunde, Teilnehmerkreis oder Fokusthemen im Workshop macht es auch Sinn, auf die Brillen zu verzichten (z.B. bei starkem Fokus auf strategische Diskussionen).


Our Metaverse workshops and seminars cover all relevant technologies. We build the necessary knowledge in your company, teams or management to be prepared for the future of the Internet.

The content of our Metaverse workshops is specified in consultation with you to provide the right focus for your business.

Example agenda for a 1-day workshop

*The exact content is defined to the specific needs of the customer

Introduction to the Metaverse

Get started

  • The Future of the Internet: What is the Metaverse?
  • Understanding the basics: How do blockchain, NFTs and tokens work?
  • Best practices and application examples
Immersive worlds

Experience it

  • Immersive technologies: entry into augmented and virtual reality
  • The next era of social media: What are virtual worlds?
  • Virtual goods: How can digital goods be monetized?
Industrial Metaverse

Expand knowledge

  • Digital Twins: How does the combination of real and virtual products increase efficiency?
  • Industrial Metaverse for Business: New ways to increase productivity?
Artificial intelligence

Improve efficiency

  • The Power of Artificial Intelligence: How AI Will Change the World of Work
  • Masterclass “Prompting”: How to use AI tools properly
Business models in the metaverse

Develop strategies

  • Brainstorming on possible use cases and initial business ideas for your company
  • Development of an initial implementation roadmap and definition of next steps

Your Metaverse workshop?

Start with us into the versatile possibilities in the internet of the future with our Metaverse workshops.

Learn all about blockchains & digital goods (NFTs), virtual worlds, augmented and virtual reality or artificial intelligence.

Discover innovative business opportunities to build new revenue channels or optimize costs through metaverse technologies.

We look forward to starting the journey into the Metaverse with you.

Oliver Breucker
Metaverse Workshop Leader
Robin Reuschel
Metaverse Workshop Leader