Healthcare & Pharma Companies in the Metaverse

Healthcare and pharmaceutical companies are often innovation drivers and idea generators for other industries. The necessary use of the latest technologies, whether in research or in “operational” use, creates constant pressure for further development.

With the advent of the metaverse, the question is how healthcare and pharmaceutical companies can leverage the metaverse’s technologies for their own benefit.

Immersive technologies for healthcare and pharma

Multiple pharmaceutical and healthcare companies are already making rapid strides toward Metaverse. From initial strategy discussions to the full implementation of AR or VR technologies, different application examples can be found.

Many ideas for the Metaverse are already being used in pharmaceutical and healthcare companies. In contrast to the “consumer metaverse”, which is discussed in the press in particular, the application examples here are designed to increase efficiency through process optimization.

Digital twins for hospitals and production facilities

AR-assisted patient care

Medical education with VR training (e.g., VR surgery).

Virtual home healthcare programs (VR Healthcare).

Use of mixed reality in processes

Blockchain-based medical records (e.g., transparent, unalterable).

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Industry examples from the Health Metaverse

Supporting medical staff with new technologies will become just one of many areas in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries where the Metaverse will bring new innovations.

GE Healthcare

Medical products and machines are an expensive investment that are not always intuitive for many employees to operate.

Training in a virtual training environment using VR goggles is designed to help simplify repetitive tasks in operation and gain experience in maintaining and troubleshooting medical systems.

Siemens Healthineers

With the support of AR devices, medical staff should be better supported.

Instructions can be displayed via augmented reality as a kind of training course or simulated 3D representations can be shown.

How can you make the best use of immersive technologies?

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Innovations through the Metaverse are creating big question marks for many companies in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.

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