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Become a Metaverse Specialist

Shape the digital future in your company and learn how to use innovative future technologies such as digital twins, artificial intelligence or augmented & virtual reality – With the Metaverse Academy certificate courses from our Roover Metaverse experts!


  • Develop innovative business models for your company
  • Identify cost optimization potentials through digital twins and artificial intelligence
  • Experience the Metaverse up close in immersive virtual reality
  • Understand the technological underpinnings of AI, crypto, NFTs, and virtual worlds.
  • Become a specialist in your company – We will prepare you for a leadership role in the Metaverse and Crypto space


Entry into the world of Metaverse & Web3
  • Getting Started with Metaverse & Web3.0: Basics, Trends and Technologies of Metaverse and Web3
  • Metaverse technology stack: interplay of technologies such as AI, crypto, NFTs and virtual worlds.
  • Use Cases & Best Practices: Success Factors in the Use of AR & VR Technologies, Digital Twins and AI


Conceptual development of business models

All content from Pioneer, as well as:

  • Metaverse Experience: virtual reality experience to experience immersive technology for yourself
  • Business model analysis: Identification of revenue and cost potentials along the entire value chain
  • Strategy Toolkit: Proven strategy toolkit for developing innovative business models


Expert in the implementation of projects

All content from Vanguard, as well as:

  • Metaverse conceptualization: Joint development of a concrete Metaverse concept for your company
  • Technology deep-dive: setting up your own Web3 wallet, “minting” an NFT, and using AI tools.
  • Chief Metaverse Officer: Structuring, piloting and implementing more complex metaverse concepts.

Three certificate courses to get you started on the right foot!

Metaverse Pioneer

Learn the basics
  • Entry into the Metaverse & Web3
  • Metaverse Technology Stack
  • Use Cases & Best Practices

Metaverse Vanguard

Build deep understanding
  • Entry into the Metaverse & Web3
  • Metaverse Technology Stack
  • Use Cases & Best Practices
  • Metaverse Experience
  • Business models analysis
  • Strategy Toolkit

Metaverse Master

Become a Metaverse expert
  • Entry into the Metaverse & Web3
  • Metaverse Technology Stack
  • Use Cases & Best Practices
  • Metaverse Experience
  • Business models analysis
  • Strategy Toolkit
  • Metaverse conceptualization
  • Technology Deep Dive
  • Chief Metaverse Officer

Academy content at a glance

AR and VR are the key to the immersive Internet and could replace the mobile Internet. A new generation of communication channels is emerging.

Interactive, digital worlds (Roblox, Sandbox) with virtual goods will become mainstream.
3D shopping and metaverse influencing could inherit e-commerce/social media.

Artificial intelligence holds great disruption potential for many business models. At the same time, it also opens up new opportunities in efficiency enhancement and cost optimization

Digital twins are virtual replicas of real objects such as machines that evolve dynamically. The connection between the twins enables mutual improvements.

Blockchain technology is revolutionizing decentralized databases and creating a new economy with numerous innovative startups. NFTs as certificates of authenticity for digital goods enable innovative revenue strategies.

The metaverse is once again changing the way companies collaborate. It requires more decentralized structures and new employee skills. In the process, new concepts such as decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) are emerging.

Our next dates

Metaverse Pioneer

Learn the basics of the Metaverse, Web3 and Artificial Intelligence.

vsl. 11.10.2023

Metaverse Vanguard

Improve your metaverse skills and learn strategic methods.

vsl. 18.10.2023

Metaverse Master

Become a Metaverse Specialist and pursue a career in the Metaverse market.

vsl. 25.10.2023

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