Implementation support of Metaverse projects

You have decided to enter the Metaverse or to introduce new technologies in your company? We support you in this!

Our experts guide you through the often complex implementation of Metaverse and Web3 projects.

Implementation of Metaverse projects

When implementing Metaverse projects, many challenges come together : Diverse stakeholders from different departments, great uncertainty in the company, insufficient competencies, and external service providers with strong technology backgrounds. 

To master this complexity, we support companies during implementation as the central project interface between you and the implementation partners.

We make your Metaverse project a success.

Our implementation support:

As a project management team, we take on a variety of activities to ensure that your Metaverse or Web3 project runs smoothly and is successfully implemented.

Project planning

We help you create a detailed project plan that defines the goals, milestones, tasks and resources. Based on your vision and project requirements, we create a structured timeline that provides a clear roadmap for implementation.

Resource Management

We can help you identify the resources you need for your project, whether it's personnel, technology, or financial resources. By efficiently allocating resources, we ensure that you have the necessary capacity to successfully complete the project.

Team coordination

As the project management team, we take on the task of coordinating the various team members and stakeholders. We ensure that all stakeholders are aware of their roles and responsibilities and work together effectively to achieve project goals.

Corporate Communications

We handle communication with the various stakeholders of the project, including management, team members, and external parties. We keep all relevant parties regularly informed about the project status and create transparency within the company.

Quality management

We attach great importance to the quality of work and monitor compliance with the defined quality standards. We conduct regular reviews and tests to ensure that the project meets the agreed requirements.

How can we support you?

Robin Reuschel
Metaverse implementation