AI and the metaverse in the public sector

Artificial intelligence and the metaverse will have a strong impact on the public sector and government institutions.

The interesting thing? Depending on the country and region, the public sector is miles away from the metaverse or barely separable.

What does AI and the metaverse mean for the public sector?

From digital twins for entire cities, the use of AR and VR technologies, or innovation funding for new startups, the Metaverse will have a major impact on the public sector. The
possibilities of Metaverse technologies are versatile and will have different areas of application
depending on the authority

The public sector, as with many innovations, is unlikely to be first in line for adoption of metaverse technologies. Nevertheless, government and states should analyze at an early stage how the Internet of the future will affect the given infrastructure and economy.

A good example: In countries such as the United Arab Emirates, a clear strategy for the metaverse has been defined in order to use the new technologies in companies, but also in government institutions. Other countries have not yet launched initiatives despite the many possibilities.

The Metaverse for the Public Sector

The metaverse is a major uncertainty for many institutions, and often the focus is only on the risks and challenges.

However, the various advantages of the Metaverse should give reason to focus more on these technologies and innovations:

Use of digital twins in administration (for urban development, emergency simulations, and ESG planning).

Virtual reality applications for military purposes ( VR trainings, scenario simulations).

Digital identity authentication (e.g., via blockchain applications).

Large-scale education and information campaigns through new communication channels

Public services in virtual worlds (e.g. citizens' registration office)

These applications are already being tested and implemented in everyday life in some countries. The metaverse will become even more involved in the public sector in the future.

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Metaverse examples from different countries

Public institutions from around the world are looking at opportunities and technologies around the Metaverse: Whether it’s blockchain solutions, virtual worlds as an element of virtual tourism, or fostering innovation in augmented and virtual reality technologies, governments are looking to the Metaverse to create value for their societies and economies.


The city-state of Singapore has built a digital twin to support analytics, planning, and decision-making to provide higher-quality information to public agencies and government entities.

The simulations in the digital twin will serve to make better decisions and create long-term value for the city.

U.S. Military

The U.S. military is increasingly turning to virtual reality simulations to improve training for Air Force soldiers while saving resources and minimizing risks of incorrect operation.

In the future, VR training will also be used for infantry to simulate operations in safe environments.

How can you use the Metaverse in the public sector?

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The pressure to innovate from the metaverse is also increasing in the public sector, governments and government agencies.

The potential for states to make processes more efficient through innovative technologies or to build new economic strength through the metaverse is immense.

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...Conduct financial evaluations for Metaverse grant projects.

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