The Metaverse for the Construction and Real Estate Industry

Augmented and virtual reality, photorealistic simulations and digital twins will revolutionize processes in the construction and real estate industry.

What are the opportunities in the Metaverse for the construction industry?

The Metaverse’s influence in the construction industry will help architects, project managers and designers design, experience and implement spaces and buildings in increasingly efficient ways before and during construction. With augmented and virtual reality, the virtual concept enables analmost real experience in the various project phases.
For the construction and real estate industry, the Metaverse is a great opportunity to save resources and thus costs. The better virtual representations correspond to reality and buildings can be simulated, the more costs can be saved in development.
The metaverse can offer great benefits not only in the construction phase: In the operation of buildings, digital twins help to make maintenance more predictable, uncover shortcomings (e.g. energy inefficiencies through sensors) and identify optimizations for future buildings.

Immersive technologies in the construction and real estate industry

The Metaverse is the next evolutionary step of the Internet – towards an immersive 3D digital world. This immersive world will have a major impact on the way companies in the architecture, engineering and construction industries will work together.

Today, the Metaverse already enables versatile application examples of how immersive technologies can be used in the construction and real estate industries:

Digital twins for buildings during construction and maintenance

Virtual (safety) training for workers

Augmented reality remote support for construction sites

Development of realistic prototypes as well as scenario simulations

Virtual exhibitions on real estate with VR devices

Building and selling properties in virtual worlds

The use of VR and AR will have a major impact on the construction industry, especially when combined with other digitization initiatives such as the increased use of Building Information Modeling (BIM).

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Metaverse examples of the construction and real estate industry

The metaverse in construction is in its infancy, and the industry is yet to experience its full potential when its application capabilities are fully deployed in processes.

Port of Rotterdam

As part of Vision 2030, the Port of Rotterdam plans to build a GIS-enabled Digital Twin to increase process efficiency and better control complexity.

The planning processes are to be optimized by simulations with real-time data.


The Spanish company Metrovacesa has opened a new marketing channel by replicating a real building in the virtual world Decentraland.

The digital copy of the Málaga Towers project, which can be walked through interactively in Decentraland is equipped with videos and project plans relating to the real building, enables an innovative customer experience and opens up a new source of information for interested parties.

What is your strategy to deploy metaverse technologies?

We identify the necessary steps for your company in the metaverse.

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Virtual simulations and immersive technologies are enabling new opportunities for construction and real estate companies to reduce the cost of design, construction and operations. We support companies in identifying the new potential and using it for their own benefit.

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