Telecommunications, Media and TV in the Metaverse

The digitization of recent years, the mobile Internet and social media have hardly been as disruptive for any other industry as they have been for the telecommunications, media and TV (TMT) sector.

The metaverse and immersive technologies will continue to fuel these trends and further challenge traditional business models.

What does the Metaverse mean for TMT companies?

The Metaverse is a new opportunity for companies in telecommunications, media and television to make up for the mistakes of missed innovations. New technologies, content and formats can win back customers who were thought to be long lost.

The vision of the metaverse will again change everything: how customers communicate with each other, consume media and process content. TMT companies need to understand these changes early and prepare for the impact in time.

Innovative opportunities in the metaverse

The Metaverse creates new opportunities for TMT companies to benefit from the Internet of the future:

Production of immersive content (e.g. for games, entertainment and interactive TV)

Metaverse marketing as a new customer channel (e.g. building virtual worlds)

VR training for field service technicians and sales representatives

AR maintenance and use of digital twins for existing systems

Provision of infrastructure and expansion of 5G/6G technologies

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Known TMT examples in the metaverse

The first companies from the telecommunications, media and television sectors have recognized the potential of Metaverse and are taking the first steps.

In the beginning, the focus is not yet on financial success, but on building up the right awareness and knowledge in the company and gaining initial experience with the Metaverse:


Interactive movies could become part of everyday life in the future. Netflix offers a first foretaste. In the virtual world “Decentraland” you could re-enact a scene from the movie (The Grey Men).

Although the action was intended more as a PR and marketing effect, it nevertheless shows the potential of how films can be experienced in the future.


With its own virtual world “Beatland” in Roblox, Telekom has built an innovative concept for a clubbing experience with live DJs and various games.

The new Customer Experience was just the beginning of how the Metaverse will be strategically approached.

What is your strategy for the Internet of the future?

We develop your metaverse strategy together.

We are happy to present our versatile consulting services – from the Metaverse Readiness Check for Metaverse beginners to the development of a holistic strategy. Our team is looking forward to exciting discussions with you.

We help TMT companies on their way to the metaverse to...

The metaverse is both a curse and a blessing for many companies. Many challenges are matched by many opportunities. The possibilities are many, the right starting point is hard to find.

...analyze the changing markets, competitors and consumers

...identify the relevant trends around the metaverse

...structure the internally initiated activities for the metaverse

...define the possible business models

...and to make a financial evaluation of the initiatives plan, prepare and accompany the implementation

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